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Susanne Weikl
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My sphere of activity:

My curiosity helps me to get deeper and deeper into the secrets of healing. In my travels, I seek the exchange with healers worldwide to enrich my healing work, such as working at the healing gathering of the Cree Native Indians in Canada, having healing sessions in the Himalaya, working with shamans in the steppe of Mongolia, meeting Hopi healers in Arizona as well as native healters in South Africa..Being a Huna teacher keeps me in touch with Aloha International, Hawaii.

All this makes my work so unique and individual. I consider each person, I work with, as unique and speciall. My goal is to find ways to make healing simple and easy.

My healing work could be describes as finding and feeling oneself, rediscovering, empowering, valuing and trusting oneself and getting involved in the miraculous powers of change. Together we creates a wonderful field of self-healing with the supportive forces of nature, including love, freedom and confidence. You will experience the effect in your allday life.

I work with adults, children and animals. Healing topics are acute and chronic illnesses, mental and psycological problems, conflicts in relationships or at the workplace, as well as reorientation, life changes and personal development..

Only openness, curiosity and flexibility are are necessary. Every treatment is self-contained and effective. Continuous work is more effective.

I gained a lot of experience with the topic "Single Born - the lost twin in the womb". This prenatal loss experience often has a decisive impact on our lives.

I offer treatments via phone or skype.

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